Best Table Saw Miter Gauges – 2020 Top Picks

Whether you are new to woodworking or a master craftsman when it comes to this task, it is difficult to overstate the importance of a really excellent table saw miter gauge. These handy tools can really make it or break it when it comes to a person’s woodworking experience.

Read on to learn more about these necessary products and find which option would work best for you and your woodworking nee

Comparison of the Best Table Saw Miter Gauges

  • Flip down stop fits into small plastic teeth
  • Scale allows for some very tiny adjustments
  • Our choice for a best overall table saw miter gauge
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  • Calibration will only take a few minutes
  • Precise angles are easy to read on the gauge
  • Our choice for runner-up for best table saw miter gauge
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  • Will fit snugly in the miter guide slot
  • Comes with an included allen wrench
  • Best choice of table saw miter gauge for the money
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  • The best table saw miter gauge by Dewalt
  • Has set screws that will limit any movement
  • Comes with a click gauge stop that is very efficient
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  • Arrives already set up in the box
  • The best table saw miter gauge by Delta
  • Can fit multiple different kinds of miter saw tables
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What is a Table Saw Miter Gauge?

If you own a miter saw, odds are you probably already own a gauge. While woodworking, the gauge is a long, thin piece of metal that fits into the miter slot on your table saw’s surface. 

Depending on where you tilt it, it impacts the angle your saw uses to cut the wood. These are essential for sculpting precise woodwork pieces, and oftentimes, it can be a wise choice to upgrade from the stock miter gauge your table came with to one of better quality.

Characteristics of our Favorite Models

It can be a little overwhelming to consider the wide range of models available on the market today, so keep an eye out for a few of the most crucial qualities:


The whole point of these is to ensure your wood is cut at the angle you need it to be, and that means the gauge absolutely cannot move to a different angle while you are using it. You need one that is strong enough to hold your wood in place at the correct, precise angle.


It would be no fun to make the same kind of cuts all of the time, would it? Different models have different levels of variability, so make sure you find yourself something that is highly adjustable and has a lot of versatility. You do not want to find yourself being limited to only making certain kinds of cuts and therefore only being able to work on certain kinds of products.

Easy to Set Up

It can be a little demoralizing to take apart your table’s stock miter gauge and install a new one, though we guarantee it is 100% worth the upgrade. But in order to make the process as painless as possible, be sure to get one that’s simple and straightforward to set up.

Quick Take: Best Table Saw Miter Gauges

Want to skip the review? Here is a quick look at the best table saw miter gauges:

1. INCRA Miter1000/HD
Kreg KMS7102
Incra MITERV27

Review of the Best Table Saw Miter Gauges

Now that you are a bit more familiar with the concept of table saw miter gauges, let’s go look at some actual products:

Best Overall:
INCRA Miter1000/HD

INCRA Miter1000/HD Miter Gauge


  • Well made
  • Fits miter slot well
  • Will not produce any movement
  • Easy to set up, use, and change angles
  • Endorsed by woodworking instructors


  • Has an awkward shape, so difficult to store
  • Expanding rollers will need to be greased up before they will work well

The INCRA Miter1000/HD is the number one best choice for table saw miter gauges, for a number of reasons.

First, its scale allows for some very tiny adjustments. This quality makes it precise enough to use when building components of tables and other woodworking pieces that require extremely accurate angles.

And you do not have to worry about some slight movement messing up its positioning – its flip down stop actually fits into small plastic teeth that hold it in place no matter what. It has the most common segments listed on the face of the miter itself for maximum convenience. Its handle feels comfortable to use and makes for a super smooth cut.

Bottom Line

The INCRA Miter1000/HD is the premiere choice. Make sure that before you get going with it, you remember to grease up its expanding rollers, as they are not lubricated upon arrival.

Kreg KMS7102

Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System


  • Well designed
  • Nice fit and finish
  • Excellent build quality
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty, and solid
  • Kreg provides good customer service


  • Screws are not particularly high quality
  • Plastic segment between flip stop and end piece allows for some movement

The Kreg KMS7102 is a close runner-up for the best table saw miter gauge we were able to find, right behind the INCRA Miter1000/HD. If you are looking for something that is simple and straightforward to set up and to use, you have found it.

The entire set up process, including calibration, will take no more than a few minutes at maximum. The gauge itself is easy to read, which is a big plus when you are dialing in precise angles.

If you want to switch up which side of the saw blade you are cutting on, you can slide the fence stop from one end to the other. No matter what angle you are working from, this is always easy to adjust.

Bottom Line

The Kreg KMS7102 is a close second for our top choice. Just know that at some point, you will likely have to replace the included screw systems after extended use.

Best for the Money:

Incra MITERV27 Miter V27 Miter Gauge


  • Well made
  • Heavy duty and sturdy
  • Adjustment knobs are easy to reach
  • Compatible with both T-groove and plain groove miter slots


  • Vertical square will likely need some adjustment upon arrival

If you are interested in finding yourself something that can deliver all of the quality of the big buck gauges, but for significantly less money, you will find it in the Incra MITERV2.

Just like its more expensive cousin, this thing is terrific! You are definitely not compromising all on quality when you go with this model. It fits very snugly in the miter guide slot without any movement.

It comes with an included allen wrench for setting up and tightening the unit, and all in all, setting up this bad boy is an incredibly simple process. Users report that setting up and calibrating their unit will only take about five minutes, tops. And, adjusting the angle is super fast, super simple, and super accurate.

Bottom Line

The Incra MITERV2 Miter V27 is a top notch product that will not completely break the bank for you. Keep in mind that you will most likely need to adjust the vertical square when it first arrives, though.

Best by Dewalt:
 DeWalt Replacement DW745

DeWalt 5140032-78 Replacement Table Saw Miter Gauge


  • Fits well
  • Easy to use
  • Well designed
  • Has a lot of power
  • Best by Dewalt


  • Center plastic guide is not particularly durable

When you think of DeWalt, you think of the best available tools you can find on the market today. We are happy to report that DeWalt has done it yet again. The DeWalt Replacement DW745 is a top notch miter gauge that you will always be able to rely on.

It is compatible with DeWalt tables, so you know you are getting a high quality experience all around. This has sturdy set screws that will limit any movement in order to ensure you are always making the most accurate cuts.

Its click stop is super efficient and a pleasure to work with. Plus, it has a nice aesthetic and is just straight up fun to work with. It is difficult to find anything to dislike about this.

Bottom Line

The DeWalt Replacement DW745 is a solid, reliable top pick that will always come through for you. Keep in mind you may need to replace the center plastic guide after some time, though.

Best by Delta: 
DELTA Deluxe

DELTA Deluxe Miter Gauge


  • Easy to use
  •  Best by Delta
  • Well made of high quality material
  • Simple, straightforward miter gauge


  • Takes a long time to calibrate
  • Will require some lubrication to get it to fit on your table

The DELTA Deluxe Miter Gauge is the best table saw miter gauge we were able to find from the reliable Delta brand. If you are looking for an uncomplicated miter gauge that can get the job done and does not come with any extra fancy bells and whistles to jack up the price, you have got to with the Delta.

You will not even need to do any additional setting up when this gauge arrives in the mail: just take it out of the box and you are good to go! This gauge can fit multiple different brands of miter saw tables, so it is quite versatile. And, it does not have any brass fittings that you will have to worry about potentially wearing down over time.

Bottom Line

The DELTA Deluxe Miter Gauge is an quality pick that does not have any extraneous parts and will get the job done in a reliable fashion every time for you. It can be a bit more of a struggle to get this to fit onto your table properly than for some of the others on this list, though.


These products can make all of the difference when it comes to woodworking. A good option will ensure that no matter what angle you are cutting your wood at, your cuts remain smooth and precise.

Make sure you invest in one that is sturdy enough to stand up to whatever you throw at it and durable enough to make it through hundreds (maybe even thousands) of different cuts. If you go with one of the many amazing models on our list here, we guarantee you will be happy with your purchase and will undoubtedly spend many more hours out in your woodcutting workshop.

People Also Ask

These can be a complicated topic, so we figured we would include a section to go over some frequently asked questions. Check out some of the most common struggles people encounter with their table saw miter gauges:

Can You Recalibrate Miter Gauges?

If you unpack your new purchase, set it completely up on your miter saw table, and realize it is not calibrated to what you were intending to work with it for, never fear. You can easily recalibrate your miter gauge.

In fact, one of the top selling points on this list is how easy they are to recalibrate. Calibration should be a simple and straightforward process that does not take very long, so you will not have to spend a lot of time before you are able to get back to making precise cuts.

How Can I Adjust The Angle Between The Table Saw and Miter Gauge?

Most often, the most complicated part of figuring out how to adjust the angle between your table saw and your miter gauge is determining what the angle needs to be in order to make the cut you are trying to make. This can vary depending on what you are trying to craft. Once you have determined the angle, you can adjust everything so that it tilts to the angle you are seeking. Then, all you have to do is cut and admire your own handiwork!

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